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Ethan and Alexis became the best of friends overnight. They met when they were kids and shared a love of all things science, computers, and freeze tag. True love blossomed but was never allowed to flourish. Promises were made but never kept. Ethan moved away, leaving Alexis brokenhearted.


Fast forward to now.


A class reunion has brought the once best friends back together. Unfortunately, Alexis and Ethan aren't the same people they were in school. Bitterness, pain and rejection has taken root, leaving the once thick as thieves friends, at odds. Or so they think. The more time they spend together, the more they realize the love they once had for each other didn’t die; it lay dormant, ready for its chance to flicker to life.


All they needed to do was sit back and watch the sparks fly. Except, once again, fate has other ideas.


Has too much time passed for these two childhood friends? Has the pain of broken promises become too great to overcome? Or can they get past differences and tough obstacles to be together?


Both Alexis and Ethan will come to a crossroads. The question is, which road will they choose… a life together or a life apart.

Broken Promises

  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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