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Okay so yeah… my plans to let go of the only man I would ever love isn’t working. In fact, things between us are heating up. I fell for him long ago, but the time we’ve spent together has only strengthen that love. What in the hell was I thinking letting him so close you ask? I wasn’t thinking with my head I tell you that much. I know I should’ve let him go. I shouldn’t have allowed him deeper in my heart.  I just couldn’t help myself. That man has owned my heart and dominated my soul since the first day we met.  He laid that helluva smile on me and it was over.


However, there’s one problem. Secrets. Yes, this is that typical story of someone holding back secrets for fear of losing the one they love. Admittedly, the secrets are tearing me apart. I have to confess all to him. I have to purge my soul. But what if I lose him? What if he finds out that I’m not who he thinks I am, that I’m not the woman for him? Would I lose him? God, I can’t lose him. I’d die. But I can’t keep stringing him along either. He has to know the whole truth about me. I have to take the risk if I’m going to be with his man.

I just hope my secrets don’t destroy us. That would truly suck.



Am I obsessed with Grace Michelle King? Hell fucking yes!

I’ll admit that shit gladly. I love that woman. Can’t keep my hands off her, my lips as well as other parts I won’t name. I can’t see my life without her. Listen. I need her, crave her, desire her, yearn for her. My heart beats for her, my soul demands to have her. That woman is made for me. God has placed her on this earth for me and only me. Now, I just have to show her that I’m the only man she will ever need. So far, my plans to woo my woman is working. I have her right where I want her, in my arms and in my bed.


Now, I just need her to give me her heart. I’m so close. She’s holding back. I don’t have a clue why. I know she loves me. I can see it in her eyes. She thinks she’s hiding from me, keeping secrets but there’s nothing she could tell me that would push me away. The sooner she realizes I’m never letting her go, the better off she’ll be.


Fuck it, the next time I see her I’m just going to grip her by the back of the neck and stick my tongue down her throat. No matter where we are I’m staking my claim like a man should and put her fears at rest. Then she’ll know exactly who she belongs to without a doubt.



Obsession 2.5: Loving an Alpha Male

  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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