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Nix Morelli


My name is Nix. I'm the glue that holds my family together. I'm the level-headed one, the peacemaker out of my bruvs. I'm also the only one that can keep them from destroying the world. But with making sure we flourish doing what we love, I have barely enough time for a social life. But for her... I'd make time. I'd move heaven and earth for her, if only she let me. Trouble is, she's stubborn as f#@k! Well guess what, so am I. I will not be denied. I will have my cake and eat it too. Watch me!


Ivie Andreyev


My name is Ivie Andreyev. I’m part Nigerian, part American. I can speak Russian fluently and my father is one of the top bosses of the Bratva in Europe, hell in the world. My task is to keep him safe, to protect him from his enemies. However, I’m too busy falling in love with Nix Morelli. Picture that. I never thought I’d ever say those words to anyone, much less admit them to myself. But it’s the truth.


The problem is that I don’t know how to tell him. How to show him. And time is ticking. There’s someone out to kill the man I love. No way was I letting that happen either. I would protect him with my life. And honestly, as I think about the shit we’ve been through, that very well might happen.

Damn that would suck…

Author's Note: This is a dark romance with killing, blood, guts and other possible triggers. Please read with caution and note this is a work of fiction.

Nix: The Morelli Brothers: Sons of the Wicked

  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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