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Angel and Raquel possess two very strong personalities separately, alphas to the core. The problem comes when these two fire-filled individuals come together. One needs to be in control while the other refuses to be controlled.


Angel Leonetti, the complete Alpha Male…

      “Let me first address this ‘using you’ shit that you mentioned. To be clear, I asked you to be on the team for no other reason but that I trust you. You were actually the only one I trusted in that meeting, besides my father. I don’t know what’s up with Victor. I haven’t a clue where the hostility he displayed stemmed from, but, best believe, if he says anything to me again, I won’t hold back. He has you to thank for him breathing without assistance right now. Consider this his reprieve.”

Angel moved closer to her, as he continued, “And that ultimatum bullshit you just spat at me; that’s not an option. I’m growing tired of repeating myself. I’ve told you already that you are who and what I want. I won’t say it again.”


Raquel Waters, the uncontrollable Alpha Female…

No matter how she felt about him, how much she wanted him, she wasn’t taking his controlling cave man ways lightly. “You are so full of shit! You and I haven’t seen or spoken to each other in three years; three-long-years. You know nothing about me, and I don’t know shit about you. All I can say is that we know how to fuck each other’s brains out with a skill that should be taught to the masses, but that’s it. So what!” she moved closer to him. “I went away and grew up. I have likes and dislikes that you have no clue exist. So if you think I’m just going to sit here and let you claim me without me have something to say about it, you’re sadly mistaken.”


Angel can’t live without this woman, he refuses to. He’s determined to have her no matter what.


Raquel equally has a need that only Angel can fulfill. She wants him, there’s no doubt about that, however she doesn’t want to sacrifice who she is to get what she wants.


Will Angel be able to break down the walls of the woman he’s desired since the moment they met?


Will Raquel be able to surrender her free will for the man that has managed to dominated her mind, body, and soul?


Can these two find a way to be together or will their fire consume them both?

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  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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