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Law Morelli


My brothers think I have no heart, that I am cold, vicious and evil as f@&k. They are not wrong. In fact, they forgot one. I am also as deadly as they come. It is my job to protect my family, to keep my brother’s safe. Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes, I am! There is no room in my life for anything else, for anyone else. I had been content with that truth for years, decades.


Until I met her…


This woman was everything I didn’t believe I needed or wanted. She's sexy as f@&k and has a smile that seems to chase my darkness away. I crave her like a drug. I desire her body, her soul, and most of all, her heart. I need her in more ways than I want to admit. I should keep my distance. I should walk away, leave her be, and never look back. But yeah, that shit wasn’t happening. This woman would be mine, mark my words.


Question is… would she accept me for who I am, for WHAT I am? I guess I would find out soon enough.


Author's Note: This is a dark romance with killing, blood, guts and other possible triggers. Please read with caution and note this is a work of fiction.

Law: The Morelli Brothers: Sons of the Wicked

  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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