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Have you ever met a man for the first time and said to yourself, I’m going to have his beautiful babies? Of course, this declaration comes after you’ve looked him up and down, noting how hot he is, sexy, how tall he is, how broad his shoulders are, and, most importantly, how big his…feet are.

Well, I had all of those thoughts run through my mind, and then some, the moment I met the man of my dreams. The one I’ve been made for. It has taken a long time and a lot of pain and heartache, but he’s finally found me.

He’s so freaking sexy and so handsome with eyes that make me melt. And boy is he moody and wears a permanent frown on his gorgeous face, but I love it. I love that he’s brooding, with a touch of darkness hovering just on the surface of his soul. He has this thick wall around his heart, due to a great loss, but I am determined to break through. I will show him how to live again, what it feels like to be loved and wanted, by loving him with everything in me.

It didn’t take long for my soul to recognize his soul. I realized who he was the first day I stumbled into his arms. I knew the moment he touched me that I had found my true love. That’s right. I love this man fiercely and desperately and sadly he has no idea of the power he has over me. I would do anything for him. I would kneel at his feet and give him complete control over my body, over my soul, over my heart. I will fight to prove to him that I am all that he will ever need. It won’t be easy, let me tell you. So far, he has been fighting me at every turn. But I love a challenge.

I’ve been waiting a lifetime to meet my soulmate. It took a few frogs to meet my Prince Charming, but I’m not complaining. He’s worth the wait.

Now all I have to do is convince him that I’m the one for him.

Pray for me, I’m going to need it.

My Retribution Too: Second Chance Series

  • Personalized/Signed Paperback

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